The Blessman naturals scalp and hair rejuvenator gives your hair and scalp a fresh start that it needs. We used 4 powerful oils, black seed oil, rosemary essential seed oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil. All four of these have their individual characteristics which help you get a healthier scalp and hair. Reduce thinning and get thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair all done through an all-natural method without chemicals. This oil works from root to tip because healthy hair starts from the scalp.


Protect – Protects hair and scalp from any further damage when used regularly. Powerful ingredients such as black seed oil have anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which will help protect your hair and scalp from harmful substances that attach to hair and scalp on a daily basis.


Repair – From just the first use the scalp and hair rejuvenator will start to repair damage done to the scalp and hair. Ingredients such as coconut oil hydrates the hair and repair heat damage and provides a shield of UV protection.


Stimulate – The scalp and hair rejuvenator stimulates hair growth. The scalp and hair rejuvenator acts like a 24/7 scalp massager. It helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp which transfers essential nutrients and minerals needed for healthy hair growth.


Regrows – Our scalp and hair rejuvenator uses 4 powerful ingredients two of which have been found to reduce hair loss and regrow hair. Black seed and olive oil have DHT blocking properties. Scientific research has found that olive oil has dht blocking abilities when used long term. Olive oil was tested alongside Minoxidil which is a leading hair loss product and found when subjects applied olive oil, hair loss was dramatically reduced and even found in some subjects it performed better than minoxidil. Get new hair growth without the side effects of using hair loss products. 




Black seed has been used for hundreds of years by many people who called the black seed “the magic plant" for medicinal purposes. It was used to treat numerous skin issues. It was also very much used to achieve healthier hair and vibrant skin. Black seed has shown to promote hair regrowth when used regularly due to its blood stimulation properties. It has anti-fungal properties which will help keep your scalp clean which is the foundation of healthy hair. Black seed oil can thicken your hair for a fuller, healthier look to your hair. 


Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great oil to keep the scalp hydrated. It also acts as a leave-in conditioner. It has powerful anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. This will help reduce inflammation which helps soothe and calm inflamed skin which can otherwise hinder healthy hair growth.  Coconut oil also hydrates hair and leaves your hair with a natural shine which protects your hair from heat damage. We use extra virgin coconut oils making sure that it is unrefined and unprocessed for the best results for your hair. Extra virgin coconut oil also is the most potent.


Extra Virgin olive oil

Extra virgin oil is more potent than normal olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is unprocessed, unrefined and cold-pressed rather than normal olive oil which is processed which leads to loss of potency. Extra virgin olive oil has been found to reduce hair loss and has been found to be as effective as Minoxidil. Research has shown its ability to block DHT which is the root cause of hair loss. Olive oil can restore shine and repair damaged hair. On a daily basis, we use styling tools which use a lot of heat which can damage hair and can lead to hair looking dull and lifeless.


Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil is a powerful oil used to stimulate hair growth. Rosemary can help increase blood flow. Blood flow helps circulate precious nutrients and mineral to your scalp which results in healthier hair. Rosemary oil is an anti-septic and has anti-oxidants which clean the scalp of free radicals. 


Long shelf life

Our oils all come in a black bottle. This is a way to make sure direct sunlight does not affect the effectiveness of our oils. We still recommend you store this product away from direct sunlight.




Extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, Black seed oil from Sativa, rosemary essential oil.


100% cold pressed & unrefined


You can rest assured you are getting the best quality. We only use cold-pressed methods to extract our oils compared to many oil makers which use a mechanical process which uses heat which in turn can affect the quality of the oil. We also make sure our oil comes directly from the plant and is unrefined and we do not chemically process the oils at all, as many other oil makers may do. Our suppliers are partnered with the social association. So you know our oils are sourced responsibly and are certified organic.


No to plastic 


We are making a statement to reduce plastic use in cosmetic products. Our oils come in black recycled glass bottles. This reduces the amount of plastic use. The cosmetic industry is one of the biggest users of plastic and we want to change that.


Our bottles can be reused to store other oils without the need to throw away. But if you want to you can recycle the bottle as well.


We forest

We also support the Weforest organization. 10% of all profits will go towards Weforest. Read more about what they do here.




Our products are 100% cruelty-free. 100% organic and natural with no added preservatives, parabens, artificial fragrances or colors. All of our oil suppliers are part of the soil association which means our oils are certified organi

Scalp & hair rejuvenation serum

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